Business Requirements in
Cloud Service out

Use natural language and AI to explore and refine your business requirements, then generate and deploy a fully functioning service to the cloud

Define your goals, tenets and policies, and then let the AI do the rest

A truly declarative approach to solving problems

eventualAi enables business leaders and engineers to work backwards from problems and rapidly deliver solutions to the cloud - let AI connect the dots while you drive with feedback and direction

Ideas → Requirements

Describe your business problem

Start with a high-level discussion of your business domain, drill down into the details and refine your use-case by engaging with eventualAi

Requirements → Specification

eventualAi proposes a solution

Receive a detailed document of your service's users and system components in easy to understand, natural language

Specification → Code

Provide feedback and receive instant changes

Instantly generate code implementing your service with the eventualCloud framework and iterate quickly based on user feedback

Code → Cloud

Deploy a working service to the cloud

eventualCloud generically solves complex business processes on AWS by providing abstractions for distributed systems such as APIs, durable workflows, transactions, pub/sub, etc.

Problems → Solutions

Engage autopilot for autonomous development

Define your business goals, tenets and policies, then have eventualAutopilot automatically explore the business domain, suggest improvements and implement new capabilities

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